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Archive Room

Archive Room is a visual atmospheric project that I created on the theme of Black Mesa, a symbolic location in the Half-Life universe. The project consisted of highlighting a 1984 Macintosh at the center of a 3D scene in the Black Mesa research center.

I had created the Macintosh well before I started the project, and I intended to use it to create something special. I wanted to stop illustrating my 3D assets on 360-degree videos, and I wanted to create a cinematic scene and tell a small story.

I created all the assets using Blender and Substance Painter during my Twitch streams, and it was enjoyable to do.

Archive Room allowed me to improve in several aspects of my work. I learned to create more cinematic scenes, and I improved my rendering skills. I also learned to use Blender and Substance Painter better.

I hope you enjoy this small project, and I can't wait to continue with other creations.

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